Christian's Travels


                   Though Christian's earthly body will never have the chance to travel, those who's lives were impacted by his have committed to taking his memory all over the world! Christian's wishing stones are popping up in states and countries everywhere! These stones are a way to keep his spirit alive and leave a little special piece of his legacy behind in some of God's most magnificent places. They are also a reminder to all who carry them of just how precious and short life can be. Enjoy every moment and every blessing. Thank you for carrying our son with you through this beautiful life!


  • Detroit River and Lake Erie- Mark and Dawn Wilson
  • Michigan (Wedding Chapel of Joy and Lance Wilson) - Joy and Lance Wilson
  • Gatlinburg, TN- Krywko Family
  • Smokey Mountains and Cade's Cove - Krywko Family
  • Pine Grove Golf Course, Ontario- Estelle Wolfman
  • Big Sur, California Coast- Mary Sweet
  • New Orleans, Louisiana- Jan and Jerry Hernandez
  • Stugartt Germany- Danielle Fernandez
  • Krakow, Poland- Danielle Fernandez
  • Charleston, South Carolina - Mike and Lindsay Hernandez
  • Anna Maria Island- Avery, Drue and Bowen Hernandez
  • Disney World- Tammy Ellis
  • Caribbean Cruise- Tammy Ellis
  • Richard's Lake, Ontario- Estelle Wolfman
  • Connecticut - Mickey and Alicemaude Hernandez
  • West Virgina- Mickey and Alicemaude Hernandez
  • Shannendoah River Valley- Mickey and Alicemaude Hernandez
  • Budapest, Hungary- Steven Eichorn and Dee Ward
  • Lake Michigan- Brianne Carlock
  • Stone Mountain- Gorham Family
  • Cliffs of Mohr, Tarbert Island, Port Magee Ring of Kerry, Kinsale Harbour, Ireland - Kallter Family
  • Paris, France - Brenda Seal
  • Montanna - Terri Brand
  • Myakka State Park, Sarasota, Fl - Katherine Ward
  • Africa- Jan and Jerry Hernandez 
  • Tanzania - Michelle Henry

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