• Volunteerism with our community and surrounding areas
  • On-call support for families in crisis
  • Provision of meals, household items and clothing to families in crisis and / or without basic necessities
  • Child care items to foster families in Tampa Bay
  • Suitcase donation drives to send clothing and toiletries to children in Tanzania
  • Vacation Bible school supplies sent to Haiti
  • Clothing  / self-care items children shipped to impoverished countries
  • Involvement with local migrant communities and churches
  • Response to community catastrophes (i.e. post hurricane / tropical storm help and apartment buildings / residential fires)
  • Meals shared with the homeless of Tampa Bay
  • Celebration and recognition of community area teachers, nurses and first responders
  • Bereavement support for local families 
  • Facilitation of parent advocacy supports for students
  • Partnership with local pediatric clinics and schools for anonymous donations to children and families in need
  • Annual Kindness for Christian Day on February 25th
  • Sponsorships of children and families during holidays 
  • Facilitators for matching needs with resources within the community
  • Partnerships with Tampa Bay area schools and businesses 
  • Community clothing and food drives
  • Provision of school supplies, backpacks, and food to students
  • Collaboration with local co-ops to receive and distribute food to others in need
  • Serving memory care patients and residents at assisted living facilities

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"When God's people are in need, be ready to help them. 

Let love be genuine." - Romans 12